The Rules of living Life well - right here - For You.

Do you sometimes wonder whether there are simple rules on how to live a good life? Not religion to believe in not morals to uphold. Just a basic understanding of the rules around being human, the laws which govern human nature. The forgotten manual, the rules of human life.

Such rules exist in clear form anyone can follow. They can be tested for relevance and applied by anyone with a moment to spare. No need to read a million books and it doesn’t cost a cent. They fit onto an ordinary website!

These rules I put through the logical deduction process of my own mind and you are invited to do the same. Mainstream Science in our time is about theories based on observable facts including the right to change them once a better theory comes along. I claim the same, if I cannot continue to prove something I discard it.

The following Rules are Rules of simple Observation

Observe that the apple falls to the ground and science argues the theory of gravity. If you investigate you find that science has no inclination as to what gravity actually is, all the theory describes is its effects which can be observed and therefore gravity is real. As to what gravity is – it is entirely up to you to decide whether it is a law of nature, the will of god or a cosmic giggle. No option you can put forward can be proven, all of them remain concepts of faith. I conclude that we must stick to observing effects to remain what we call scientific.

If you choose to follow the scientific principle of observing effects – a lot of what is today considered mythical, spiritual or outright nuts comes into a scientific focus it has not been accredited with by our society at large. The question is – are you going to trust your observation skills or the society around you telling you what you should see? Are you interested enough to open your eyes?

No substitute for directly experiencing reality

These rules of living a good life as a human need to be experienced, talking about them does not cut it. With every one of them I can observe the effects as I apply them and only as I apply them. It is a world of difference whether you believe somebody or actually observe it.

I can tell you how my broken leg feels and how much it hurts. You believe me, you feel sorry and appreciate what I am going through. Experience is if you break your own leg, no need to believe that the pain is real. Reading is not applying and you may well discard the following as nonsense after reading – but you will not do so after experiencing. So try them, break a leg. You may conclude you cannot follow these rules or you don’t know how to do so. But rest assured this is incorrect, you are making excuses, anyone can follow them, don’t even begin to ask yourself how to apply them – just do it in your mind, follow the clear instructions provided. There is no other way, no further information to be added, no extra intelligence is needed nor is anything else to be learnt. There are no special circumstance which could keep you from doing it. Right now is all the time you need.

Here they are. Simple Rules to follow for a good life. No need to believe or have faith these rules will work with a doubting suspicious mind like my own. If you apply them!

Rule 1: Observe Your Mind to be in control.

The mind being your thoughts are a great tool but they make a poor master and you instinctively understand that thoughts do not control you because you think them up. I have a task for you. For the next 10 seconds, do not think of monkeys. -10-9-8- Impossible, right? Once you hear “monkey” you think of monkeys. Mind can only multiply thoughts it cannot negate thoughts. This is nothing you need to believe in, it is an observable fact if you pay attention. Observe and become aware of the repetitiveness of your thoughts and take out the rubbish. Observe how repeating negative thoughts brings disquiet to the mind.  You don’t need to rethink every thought for hours on end, you got it right the first 20 times. Observe the peace you experience when you stop repeating.

Since the monkey mind cannot negate thoughts, consciously replace repeating negative thoughts with a positive thought and observe how much better you feel. If you are having trouble with the notion of observing your thoughts, imagine yourself sitting on your own shoulder just out of view. From there observe and control your thinking. Put away your concerns about going crazy and just do it, give it a go and experience a new perspective.

Rule 2: Observe your emotions and their effects on yourself

Next time you feel hate for somebody, step aside and ask yourself “how do I feel right now?” and your answer – after taking a breath and reviewing how you feel – will be “I feel hated”! Next time you feel love for a person, observe that you feel loved. If you feel anger, it feels like someone is angry with you.

You see the pattern – all emotions you are sending out affect yourself. Consider all your own emotions as incoming. This is life changing knowledge to acquire. How on earth did your teacher miss this shit??? You would have led a fundamentally different life if you learnt this in kindergarten or if it was passed to you as ancestral knowlege. You may only be waking up to this now but don’t neglect this observable fact!

Test it, every time you forget this truth (and you will). No need for scripture nor psychologist – just observe the facts.

Judging people has very much the same effect as your emotions, as in if you judge somebody you feel judged, so if you constantly judge (like the average person does) you are under a lot of pressure. A simple way to deal with this predicament is to add the simple sentence “just like me” to any judgement you pass. For example you think “is he not stupid?” Instead think “is he not stupid – just like me!” Or “Isn’t she beautiful – just like me”. Positive or negative, negate all judgement with this simple sentence and your world will change.


Rule 3: Observe somebody else’s emotions and ask how you feel about that.

You find that emotions of other people “sent” to you don’t reflect in you. Somebody feels angry with you, you might feel like laughing you don’t necessarily feel the anger. Somebody sends you love you don’t necessarily feel loved. The idea of you being the helpless victim of what other people say or think becomes defunct. How you feel is a result of your own emotions you are “sending out”.

You are therefore in full control of your emotional experience, it is not dictated from the outside world, your emotions create your reality and you can now logically deduce this yourself by repeating what we just did. Things are not happening to yourself, you are happening. Keep observing the truth of this on a regular basis and your life will change for the better.

Despite the whole range of emotions we perceive, there are in fact only two human emotions. Love and Fear.

All others can be reduced to one of them very easily in your own mind. Try it, don’t take my word for it. Which one is predominant in your life, which one do you feed with your thinking? Do you wish to spend your life in Fear or in Love? Who do you need to talk to in order to change? Only Yourself. You don’t need to find a partner to spend your life in love and you need no enemy to be in fear. Fear itself is your only enemy, Love is your desired partner. Observe your emotions and things change. 

Rule 4: Observe your emotions and how they affect your intelligence.

It is easy to see. You become stupid when you are fearful – angry, you cannot think straight. You become intelligent when you are being compassionate you can see implications you were not aware of before. By being aware of what is going on emotionally you become aware of your fluctuating level of intelligence.  Intelligence is not fixed at a particular level for any human, it fluctuates with your levels of fear and love. I understand now why our society bombards us with news of fear every day, the hidden conspiracy and the bid for control over us has become revealed. Once you see it looses its hold right then.

Rule 5: Become aware of how thoughts and time work together.

All of your thoughts are either busy with something in the future or in the past. None of your thoughts relate to the present, see for yourself, you will agree. You think about what needs to be done or you think about what you did, but you cannot think about now. Your thoughts keep you from the present. To experience the present means to stop thinking, to completely clear your mind.

To live a good life you need to be in the now once in a while. To be completely present is what in many different ways is described as profound religious or blissful spiritual experience of eternity.

“The NOW”, this very moment is all that is real and relevant yet while thinking you remove yourself from it. Your thinking takes you into the past which is already gone, or into the future which has not yet started. But now is different, timeless, thoughtless. It was now when I was born, it is now right now and it will be now when I die.

For all I can observe NOW is both the timeless and the eternal in our time understanding. Eternity cannot be in the past – it is over, therefore not eternal. Eternity cannot be in the future which has not even begun so how could it be eternal? Eternity can only be now.

Be now, experience it. Stop neglecting the present. Stop thinking and be. No thoughts, no time flow. Such are the laws of time. Whoever said “I think therefore I am” really, REALLY got it wrong.

We human have evolved our thinking to become our primary tool but we have enslaved ourselves to it no longer capable of seeing reality.

Having problems turning off your thoughts? I know I do and it is hard to give up the belief in time being so real and linear. There is a great many tools you can turn to. As you look for them, stick to the methodologies you find, the actual exercises. Answers can be found in mental and religious exercise, yoga or the consumption of substances. Don’t loose sight of the fact how straight forward the task is – to stop thinking for the present moment.


Rule 6: Be grateful. If you are ever stuck, just be grateful.

Have a list ready of all the things you are grateful for in your life. Make this list today. Whenever you are in a bad place with your thinking, bring out the list and go through each item you are grateful for. Close your eyes and go back in time to see what it was like when you achieved or received what you are grateful for. Be there and experience the moment. Visualize it. Do this for everything on your list, you will feel excellent. Keep a second list of things you wish for in your life. After being grateful for each and every item you already have – do exactly the same for the things on your list of wishes. Treat every wish as if you already achieved it. Be grateful for when you achieved your goal (although you have not). Visualize on how exactly it was and felt like when you did achieve it. Do this exercise every time you are stuck in a repetitive negative thought loop. At least daily.

Why are these simple rules so difficult to apply?

They are all very straight forward as you read them but applying them regularly is incredibly hard. The truth is that applying these rules challenges your Ego self. You have spent most of your life building your ego, to build your understanding of yourself. You have been trained to be somebody, then you went on to be trained to be somebody special. Your Ego cherishes the problematic, problems help to define yourself. Today rather than being confronted by your daily repetitive problems you are presented with positive solutions. Whether you are aware of it or not, your Ego will actively discard what you have learnt here today. Even if you apply a rule successfully and subsequently make valuable new experiences – in a few weeks or months you will have “forgotten”. You don’t really forget but you discard the truth of these rules and regard them as a belief system which is much easier to look upon as nonsense. The problematic Ego will reassert itself. But can you ignore a functioning set of instructions on how to live life to its potential?

There is only one way forward and that is to experience the reality of these rules on a daily basis. You succeed by implementing you own rhythm of mental exercises you do. That is the only difficulty to overcome. If you stray from the path, do not worry, it is still there for you when you are ready.

Why does your Ego feel challenged by these rules? If you go back through these exercises you see that they put you into an observer perspective. You are observing your thoughts, your mind. Your Ego however is based on the belief that you ARE your thoughts and your mind. If you observe your thoughts and your mind, well then who are you? Evidently you are not your thoughts, not your mind, you are the observer. So now you see the challenge to your Ego and why it resists these rules. And you can see at this point that you may embark on a journey of self-discovery if you apply the rules often enough. Remember the rules, stick to the facts and understand that all you could ever possibly need in search of answers is inside yourself.

No need to look outwards, no need to look upwards. Look inwards. Power over other people is not true power, the only true power is power over the Ego self. If you control it, the world is yours. Look at political leaders today, they may control the world but have no control over themselves. Do they appear as if they hold true power? I can see their frustration because they do not.

This is it. These rules work no matter what you believe in. Follow them and they work to improve your life in ways you dare not imagine. You don’t have to do anything else. If you apply them regularly it will be with increasing success as you continue and this may well make you curious to ask more questions. The answers will wait for you for when you are ready to ask. This website will build over time to add the methodologies I know and myself use to help applying these rules in my life.

I am writing these words as a reminder to myself, an accumulation of the laws of time which govern my human existence whether I am conscious of them or not. Writing them and reviewing them is becoming part of my methodology to keep me on track towards better control over my life. Today I understand enough but I do not yet live it as well as I could.  I only experience the positive observable facts of what I actually apply. Such is the struggle with the laws of time.