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Laws of Time

Tap into the Energy of Life

Methodologies on how to increase and control energy available to you. Probably the best known approach to tap into the energy available to an individual human is widely known as Yoga, practiced by more than 200 million people world wide. It is simply the only system I have been able to find which uses methods based on an  understanding of the human condition. Sleep is unconscious meditation.  Meditation is conscious sleep. Sleep brings you limited energy, meditation shows you how to access unlimited energy.

I discard the elements which could be viewed as religious and apply the methodology. I have to experience outcomes to continue anything. This is very much the case for me with meditation.

The practice of Yoga addresses all energy centers residing in the human body, it clears the flow of energy from head to toe and provides access to cosmic energy. It does sound strange until you have experienced it first hand. Just try it. Here follows my list of what I have learnt and accumulated about the energy centers and how to activate them. My approach does not represent any specific kind of Yoga, it is my own blend which I can relate to best with my logical mind.

Meditation means not much more to me but sitting quietly for some time with closed eyes and a quietening mind, as little thinking as possible to the point of stop thinking. Then you focus your attention to specific energy centers. Physically inhabit the energy center, be it until it bursts to conscious life.

The Earth – Root Chakra – Red

  • Located at the base of your spine
  • Deals with survival and is blocked by Fear
  • To unlock it you have to surrender all your fears and deal with the question of “what is your reality?” by exploring your roots

The Water – Being Chakra – Orange

  • Located at the center of your lower belly
  • Deals with pleasure and is blocked by guilt
  • To unlock it you have to release all blame and guilt and forgive yourself

The Fire – Naval Chakra – Yellow

  • Located at your stomach
  • Deals with will power and is blocked by shame
  • To unlock it you have to release all your disappoinments and accept yourself

The Air – Heart Chakra – Green

  • Located at your heart
  • Deals with love and is blocked by grief
  • To unlock it you have to release all sadness and loss and embrace love itself

The Sound – Throat Chakra – Blue

  • Located at your throat
  • Deals with truth and is blocked by lies we tell ourselves
  • To unlock it release all lies and reach peak energy levels

The Light – Brow Chakra – Light Blue

  • Located in the middle between your eyes, also known as the Third Eye
  • Deals with insight and is blocked by illusion
  • To unlock it, release the illusion of duality, ego or individual existance and embrace the collective conciousness

The Energy – Thought or Crown Chakra – Violet

  • Located at the top of your head
  • Deals with cosmic energy and is blocked by earthly attachments
  • To unlock it, meditate on what attaches you to this world and let it all go to complete the flow of cosmic energy
  • Opening this chakra gives you complete control and awareness of all your actions, voluntary and involuntary

Doing Yoga is an intense affair if done properly. There is no doubt in the participants mind as to how your reality is affected, your physical body, your state of being.

The Sleeping Serpent Exercise

This is how I follow my routine of going through the chakras. Initially I sit up and read them, remember them in detail and go through them without any attempt at meditating. If you go through them the 100th time it will be much quicker than being new to it of course. Take your time, dwell on each question the chakra present to yourself and familiarize yourself with it. You want to know your chakras inside out so you can afterwards experience them without thinking. I find there is too much thinking involved for myself to quietly meditate through this process of addressing the emotional aspect of the chakras or energy centers. I think through it once in a while not so much in a meditative state.

Afterwards I relax and meditate lying down with my eyes closed. I no longer go through the thinking motions as described but rather I inhabit each energy center with my consciousness starting with the lowest one and ending with the crown chakra. I do so by focusing all my attention on the particular chakra until it throbs with life.

To begin the process I imagine that there is a sleeping serpent inside myself resting wrapped around the base of my spine dormant in the root chakra. As I begin my meditation I focus my attention on the root chakra until I feel that I am waking the sleeping serpent. The serpent is known as Kundalini. It stirs and starts to climb upwards continuing to wrap itself around the spine.

I focus my attention to inhabit the second, being chakra and shift my consciousness to my lower belly. The root chakra remains active, throbbing while I now keep my attention on opening the being chakra. Until I have the physical experience of the serpent climbing up my spine to the lower belly.

On I go to the next chakra and open one after the other and getting confirmation by feeling the serpent rise until it finally pierces the crown chakra to leave your body and meet its cosmic energy partner called Shiva at which point the flow of energy into your body is an overwhelming intense experience. You can drop the names of Kundalini and Shiva but this is how they fit in.

Once the chakras are open it is easy to reinforce the ongoing meditation or renew your meditative state after an interruption like the phone ringing, with a simple top down approach. No longer work through all the chakras from down below to the top but simply focus on your brow chakra.

I do so by closing my eyes and then by thinking about my third eye located in between my two regular eyes. I shift my attention into the third eye and look out of my third eye. I imagine how I can see an intense white light dominating the view of my third eye. It is like looking into the sun. As I look into the light through my third eye, cosmic energy starts to flow into my body, intensely so. This energy remains with you after the meditative state. Not just energy comes to you, pay attention to ideas and solutions coming to you in this state.

The Light Exercise

Should the Sleeping Serpent exercise above not work for you find others like this one. Combine different approaches to work out what is best for you. Here is another one which works powerfully for me. Start by lying down comfortably with your eyes closed taking deep, regular breaths until you quieten down. Focus on making sure you inhale a tiny bit longer than you exhale.

Now that you are calm and relaxed you visualize a tiny dot of red light at the base of your spine. If visualize does not mean anything to you – play pretend, pretend to see it glowing inside yourself.

Your eyes remain closed, focus your inner attention on the Earth or Root chakra located at the base of your spine. You see that small red dot of light hovering within you at the tip of your spine.

While you keep this up you begin to resume your breathing routine taking long deep calm breaths making sure you inhale a fraction longer than you exhale. Now you visualize the tiny red dot to grow into a swirling red spiral galaxy expanding and contracting in line with your breathing, continually growing in size since you breathe in longer than out. Continue until your entire region of the root chakra is filled with red light. You spend 10 minutes at least on this process.

Then you move on to the next chakra and repeat the process with the relevant colours. Red for the Root Chakra, Orange for the Being Chakra, Yellow for the Naval Chakra, Green for the Heart Chakra, Blue for the Throat Chakra, Light Blue for the Brow Chakra and violet for the Crown Chakra.

The ‘Stop Breathing’ Exercise

Lie down on your back and close your eyes. The palms of your hands face upwards. Breathe in and out in long slow breaths. Breathe in to capacity, exhale to a point where you are comfortable to inhale again but do not exhale to the point of having no air left. Once you are comfortable with this breathing rhythm – repeat it consciously 30 times.

Upon the 30th exhalation – stop breathing, don’t seize up, just rest your breath. For a couple of seconds you have to overcome the automatic command to take in the next breath. After that you are ok to just not breathe. Resume the breathing exercise as above whenever you feel the need to.

Repeat with another 30 breaths and a stop breathing moment – and repeat the process over and over.

Healing and the Energy Centers

Whether you are getting in control of your energy centers to learn how to control your emotions, to live a fuller life or to heal yourself – it all turns out to be the same approach.

We all spend 100% of our worldly life in the 7 chakras as described above. There is nothing here you have not done before. Meditation and all spiritual efforts simply aim at taking control of the process, to move from a life where you accidentally move through your chakras or energy centers to a point where you develop awareness of the process and put yourself in charge of it. Daily meditation will change your awareness for your entire day, you will after a few weeks start to observe how you are lingering in the wrong chakra or vibrational state of energy while you shop or work. And without effort you will be able to shift frequencies as you walk down the road or have a beer at the pub.

Any disease and ageing are caused because we unconsciously linger in the lowest 3 chakras, in fear, hate and despair. This leads to inflammation which is the cause of all known ills.

To heal your body apply the following approach. Hold no judgement towards your illness do not regard it as good or bad it is just a condition. Instead of feeling negative, feel as if already healed, and feel this from the perspective of the result, feel health spreading through your body, visualize your health, be thankful for when you healed (although you have not yet). Use a Yoga style suitable to you to gain control over yourself in a way that you can do this. Be in the present moment as you do this.

One hour each day shalt thou lie with thine head pointed to the place of the positive pole (north). One hour each day shalt thy head be pointed to the place of the negative pole (south).

Whilst thy head is placed to the northward, hold thou thy consciousness from the chest to the head. And when thy head is placed southward, hold thou thy thought from chest to the feet.

Hold thou in balance once in each seven (the 7 chakras), and thy balance will retain the whole of its strength. Aye, if thou be old, thy body will freshen and thy strength will become as a youth’s. This is the secret known to the Masters by which they hold off the fingers of Death.

Emerald Tablets of Thoth