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Laws of Time

One Story to Be Experienced

You may have wondered why then if there are clear and simple rules of being human, applicable laws of time – why have they not been published millennia ago? Why are they not being taught at primary school? I for one think they should be in some form, but the confusion is that the story cannot really be told, it can only be experienced.

There are countless ways to tell the story, but there is only one story to be experienced. If you look at what you find on this website you will find various concepts, different descriptions, for example the simple rules on how to live a good life or yogic meditation or being present in the now or tapping into the Energy of Life. However if you look closely after experiencing what these stories tell you find that they are one and the same.

Reality can only be experienced it defies any effort to describe it. I think of every religion, every system of thinking, every approach to be an attempt to tell the same truth. Every Life lived tries to tell the same. Confusion sets in when experiential reality becomes a non experiential concept of faith.

Why can it not be told in a few simple words, why do we need to experience? As I have argued and proven to myself (see the Simple Rules Section) thoughts and therefore my words right here can only describe concepts of the past or the future. They cannot relate to NOW and therefore it forever misses reality which is NOW.

The story which can be told is not the eternal story. The name which can be named is not the eternal name. Free from desire, free from thought, you realize the mystery. Caught in desire you can only see the manifestations. Yet mystery and desire rise from the same source.

If you follow the path of the seeker, if you want to know the truth you will experience it. All answers are within yourself, nobody can offer you any truth or knowledge. There is no logical argument I can bring. Having experienced I can tell you how real it is. There is no arrival, no point of having achieved, no goal to tick off, there is only being. We are already perfect and we are already one. Not just the stories we tell, the belief systems we apply, everything is one and you need to experience it yourself for it to make any sense at all. The tools to do so are outlined clearly on this website as well as countless other sources, the doing is up to you.